Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brings Back Memory

Bangun at morning, brushed my teeth and turn on my lovely dekstop..Dunno what 2 do, then something came up to my head.'tgk Mamma Mia lh', its funny when watched a musical movie at the morning..Dah habis,teringat lak Cd yang mama beli baper tahun lepas,itulah 'The Best of ABBA'..Tapi mane pergi dah Cd tu, aku xtau..Wah,rindu dengan sume lagu ABBA..My mom told me,that she catches ABBA song since her school days something,lama tuh..First aku dengar lagu ABBA nie mase nak balik kampung, time tu standard 2 lagi, zaman2 kaset lagi, and hell yeah, i loveeee their song..Me and my brother,Syahir always sang the song from Mamma Mia,haha, kelakar gler time kecik2 dulu, comel lagi time tu..Sudah dengan kenangan lama, I'm searching all ABBA song, then i got what I want.. Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia,S.O.S, Honey Honey, Take A Chance On Me, Lay All Your Love On Me, Chiquitita, Gimme Gimme Gimme, The Winner Takes It All and etc..Wah,that was awsome..Aku download semua sekali, so satisfied..Spectacular morning..Aku menyanyi sambil menangis,haha..Its really brings back my memory..